chicken pot pie cupcakes

In the fall as cold weather approaches, I always tend to cook more comfort food.  And I bet if we were playing Family Feud and had to name a comfort food, chicken pot pie would be in the top five.  I found this recipe last week  and boy is a a keeper.  Quick, super easy to make and really delicious.


Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes


  • 2 cups of cooked chicken breasts diced
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 1 cup frozen mixed veggies
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 tablespoon of  dried thyme
  • 1/2 tablespoon of dried basil
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic salt
  • 2 (10 oz) cans Pillsbury biscuits


  1. Preheat your oven to 400.
  2. In a large bowl, combine the cooked chicken, cream of chicken soup, frozen veggies, cheese, herbs and spices.
  3. Lightly grease a 12-cup muffin tin and place the Pillsbury biscuits into each cup, pressing into the bottom and up the sides.
  4. Evenly spoon the pot pie mixture into each biscuit cup. Slide into the oven and bake for about 15 minutes. Check at the 12 minute mark.
  5. Let rest for about 3 minutes and dig in!

98 Responses to “chicken pot pie cupcakes”

  1. Debbie Heilig says:

    Thanks for the great looking recipe! Can’t wait to try it!

    • DeAnne Blake says:

      I add and diced potato (cooked)and French fried onions makes this recipe delicious or you can put all the ingredients and a casserole dish and put the biscuits on top and bake

  2. Virginia B says:

    I am a sucker for chicken pot pie AND tiny foods! Buying the ingredients tonight; will let you know how it goes

  3. Sydney says:

    They r soooo delicious I made them for Christmas Eve yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chanda says:

    Good recipes

  5. Jori says:

    have you tried freezing these once cooled? if so, did it work for reheating later?

    • sunnyslideup says:

      Hi Jodi,

      I haven’t tried to freeze them, not sure how the crescent roll would reheat. I have reheated the leftovers in the microwave and they are pretty yummy – but they are the best right out of the oven!

  6. Mikki says:

    Can you use crescent rolls instead of the biscuits? I’m wanting to try this tonight. Thanks in advance

  7. Kelli says:

    Did you use crescents or just regular biscuits? They look delicious!

  8. Lisa says:

    I really like the concept of the individual cups, but I would only use 1/2 tsp of garlic salt in the future.

  9. Alexis says:

    Can’t wait to try these! Can you use the Tyson chicken breast from the can??

    • sunnyslideup says:

      Hi Alexis,

      Sure, that would make things even quicker. Or even try buying a rotisserie chicken from the deli department and pulling chicken from that!

  10. Tay says:

    Just finished making/eating these, they are really good and super easy to do! I agree that the onion powder is a little strong but overall this is a great recipe!! Yum, yum!!

  11. Jamie says:

    Gonna make these tonight but, wondering, so you a can of condensed cream of chicken? Or the straight out of the can stuff? Can’t wait to make them!

  12. Teri Jo says:

    Made this tonight. I found it kinda salty and the hubby said it had too many herbs. I noticed that my mixture is peppered with herbs and your picture isn’t. Anyway, since the whole family (minus our son) likes pot pies, I am going to make this again but omit the herbs and garlic salt. Maybe add a little onion powder and garlic powder but that’s it. Can’t wait to try it again. Thanks for the recipe!

  13. Adia says:

    Loved it. so simple and yummy. next time i’ll be dialing down the spices… probably 1/2 of the recommended.

    • sunnyslideup says:

      We have had a number of people suggest this….and I think next time, we will try the same thing. Thanks for the suggestion!

  14. scott says:

    I made these for my family tonight, didn’t have any onion powder but used a little dry onion flakes instead. They were a hit! Thanks!

  15. leighanne says:

    I made these tonight, eating them now actually, and they taste pretty good; my near two year old ate them up. They are a bit salty though so i recommend less garlic salt and add garlic powder. Next time i will put in less thyme; i feel that it over powers the other flavors. I bought the grand biscuits since they were on sale, and they are way to big for a standard tin. It took extra long to cook as they all baked together, and i had to take them out as the outside ones cooked and turn them to cook the other sides. I am excited to make then again though with some changes :)

  16. Rhonda says:

    Just made these…took some of the suggestions and cut the spices to just 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp onion powder, 1/4 tsp pepper and they were PERFECT!!!!! Had a little filling left over, so made mini pies and they are great! Will be perfect to take to a party for appetizers!!!

  17. Kelli says:

    Do you have to cook (heat) the cream of chicken soup first to thin it out a bit or mix it straight from the can?

    • sunnyslideup says:

      No, Kelli. You don’t have to heat the soup up first. ENJOY!

      • Kelli says:

        Thanks! I made these and everybody absolutely loved them! I made extra chicken, shredded it mixed it with a can of the cream of chicken soup and put it on top. My 9 year old woke up the next morning asking to have some for breakfast! This is going on my “heavy rotation” list.

  18. tiffany says:

    do you think making them with pie crust would work the same? I was planning on making chicken pot pie, but these are so cute, I wanna make them instead lol. Only problem…i make my pie with pie crust, and wonder if the smaller ones will bake the same way. Any suggestions?

  19. Lauren says:

    These were a hit!! So tasty!!

  20. Jill says:

    Made these tonight, since I don’t know much about spices I used garlic powder(only half the amount) and added a pinch of salt (thought I could make my own garlic salt..ha!) and they still turned out delish!!! I had a lot of the mixture left over.. I had biscuits already, 2 packs of 10, I wanted to use all the biscuits so I made an extra 3 big ones with 2 biscuits in the large muffin tin, then took 1 biscuit and tore into little pieces and put on top of each one! Thanks for the recipe!

  21. Amber says:

    I am going to try making these tonight for the in-laws. Suggestions on good side dishes to go with this? What did you all try? Thanks!

    • sunnyslideup says:

      I have tired a couple of things. One, a salad as a “first course”. Another time I steamed some broccoli. I also think rice would be a nice side. Enjoy! Let us know if you come up with a good side idea too :)

  22. Ashley says:

    Just tried them, so fast and easy…turned out great!! :-)

  23. Joyce says:

    I made these while visiting my daughter in Colorado. Well received, my 23 yr old grandson enjoyed them (he even took leftover cupcakes home). YUM! Making them again tonight for my hubby. Thank you, this is a keeper! (As others suggested, I used low sodium soup AND used garlic powder instead of garlic salt) :)

  24. Ashley says:

    Making these now and I did cook the soup and instead of measuring the ingredients, I just added as little dash of everything here and We’ll see how they turn out. Wish my 2 year would eat stuff like this but she’s extremely we’ll have to see later when I put one on her plate for dinner;p haha

  25. Becki says:

    These came out looking just as good as in the picture. I wish I had read the comments about dialing back the spices; the basil just about killed these for me, and next time I might leave it out altogether. Still, with a little tweaking for personal tastes (easy enough to do), these are a great thing to serve for an easy, comforting dinner, or even a luncheon alongside a nice green salad. I will definitely make these again, and might experiment with a homemade sauce if I have time instead of the cream of chicken soup. Thanks for the idea!

  26. Diana Crick says:

    Have you any idea how many calories per pot pie?

  27. GlitzyGirlTX says:

    I made these last night for Valentine’s and they were so delicious my boyfriend and I are having them again tonight!! Two thumbs way up!! I used the extra flaky version of the biscuits and they came out SO AMAZING! Thank you for sharing this great recipe! xoxo

  28. Kathy says:

    Any suggestions for what to use instead of the cream of chicken soup. All the ones that I’ve seen have MSG in them and we can’t have that in my family. I ‘d love to be able to try the recipe.

  29. Sharon Kelly says:

    Made these for Dinner and Wow!! My whole family loved them. Great recipe!!

  30. Robyn says:

    Very tasty. I did a double batch and I thought the thyme was a little over powering so when i do it again I will probably cut the thyme in half but over all I lived them an will totally make them again!

  31. Lindsay says:

    YUMMY! I just made these for dinner. So good! I used boiled, shredded chicken, which I salted and peppered, a pinch of everything else minus the onion powder (bc I didn’t have any) and the ‘grand’ biscuits. Awesome and so cute! Also, I did not use frozen veggies, I chopped some onion and carrots and threw those in. I would’ve used corn too, but was out. The only thing I would do different is cook the carrots first, they stayed a little too crunchy :/….but still tasted awesome!

  32. Michelle says:

    Did you use a big muffin tin or cupcake tin? My cupcake tin looks overflowing!

  33. mandy says:

    I just made these tonight and while good, the basil and thyme was WAY too overpowering. It was also very obviously in the mixture, whereas in your photos you cant tell its in there at all. On the other hand I couldn’t taste the onion or garlic powder at all. hmm.

    Next time I’ll be leaving those two ingredients out and see how it is!

  34. Cortney says:

    I just made this tonight and am in love! I am culinarily challenged and it still came out perfect. I used rotisserie chicken for quick prep time, omitted the herbs based on suggestions, and cut the garlic salt in 1/2. I love salt and 1/2 tsp was more than enough. I did add a 1/4 tsp black pepper. YUMMY!

  35. kristen says:

    I made too much of the chicken mixture, does anyone know if it freezes well?

    • sunnyslideup says:

      Have not tried that, but I’m sure it will. If you give it a try, please let us know how it turns out!

  36. Jodi says:

    These sound delis, what could I use as a substitute for the bisc, I’m in melb, Aust & I’ve never heard of those bisc…Not sure if we have them here. Thanks, Jodi

    • sunnyslideup says:

      Hi Jodi, I bet you could use any kind of biscuit or pie crust recipe for this and they would turn out great! G’Day!

  37. Tanya says:

    My hubby absolutely loved these! Which is awesome for me because he is a very picky eater! It is his birthday today and this is what he requested for dinner. Thanks for the great recipe:)

  38. Luanne says:

    To be even faster buy a whole roasted chicken and shred it. Delicious flavor!

  39. E Valdes says:

    I loved your recipe, thanks for sharing. I split the biscuits in half and put half in the cupcake base and half as a cover. they came out amazing and delicious.

    • sunnyslideup says:

      Glad you enjoyed them! Great idea about splitting those biscuits, some of the larger ones don’t work as well.

  40. Misty says:

    Trying this tonight. Looks simple and filling. Thanks for a great recipe to try on my busiest day of the week.

  41. Lisa says:

    Made them tonight and used canned green beans (instead of peas) and frozen carrots with canned corn. Absolutely delicious. It doubles nicely too. Wonderful! Try using apple or cherry pie filling with a scoop of vanilla ice cream inside the biscuits !! Yummy

  42. Helen says:

    Hi! I found this recipe on pinterest and had to try it. Mine looked a lot messier, but they were so delicious! I made a link to this from my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  43. brenda bethea says:

    Made these with my grandchildren, they loved them.

  44. Patty says:

    I think the herbs really should say TEASPOONS and NOT TABLESPOONS..that is quite a bit of herbs..dried is so conecntrated…fresh herbs..the tablespoon makes sense!!

  45. Laurie says:

    Working on this right now and thought you may be interested in how I altered it. I have the chicken (raw) in the crock pot with small chunks of fresh celery and carrot. Instead of powdered garlic and onion, I used diced fresh onion and 3 big cloves of elephant garlic (if you sub regular garlic, use only 3 cloves as it’s more potent than the elephant garlic…unless your family loves tons of garlic). Sprinkled 1/2 the amount of Thyme and Basil over the top (because many people commented the seasonings were too strong). When done, I will shred or cube the chicken and just follow your assembly instructions. I happened to have Pillsbury Grands on hand so I will cut them in half before smooshing into the muffin tins (because someone commented they tried to use the whole biscuit and it was way too much). Note that I didn’t add any salt because the cream of chicken soup is already loaded with salt!

  46. Amanda Bedwell says:

    Silly question, but do you add the can of water as the Cream of Chicken can says?

    • sunnyslideup says:

      Hi Amanda – No. You do not need to add any water. Typically when a recipe calls for a can of soup, you don’t add any water. And no question is silly! :)

  47. Whitney says:

    I made this last night and my family loved them…. The only problem was the garlic salt made it a bit to salty but other than that it was excellent.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea!

  49. Samantha says:

    was very excited to try these out. Just made them, exactly as recipe says and the insides spilled out the sides, alllll over the inside of my oven! Has anyone else had a problem with too much mixture??

    • sunnyslideup says:

      Oh no! Sorry to hear that Samantha. We haven’t heard of this happening before. Try a little less filling next time and maybe a cookie sheet under the muffin pan for any spill over.

  50. Dorothy says:

    What’s the serving size for this recipe?

  51. Kathy says:

    Just have to let you know that my family LOVES this recipe!!! Not only are they super yummy but so easy! We add a dollop of sour cream on top.

  52. Natashia says:

    Hey, I’m from Australia and we don’t have Pillsbury biscuits… what could be used as a substitute… It kind of looks like puff pastry, would that work?

  53. Kristie says:

    i am making these tonight, I notice that you used the jr biscuits, do you use those or the reg grand biscuits?

  54. masfikr says:

    nice recipe, thankyou

  55. Raschel says:

    i was wondering if you would be able to freeze these?

    • sunnyslideup says:

      Hi Raschel – not sure, we haven’t tried that. Let us know if you do! I’m not sure how the biscuit part would heat up again, but I bet you could freeze the filling.

  56. mandi_heilig says:

    Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!!


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