live healthy – finding local support

live healthy – finding local support

As you know, we love healthy meals and try to keep a healthy lifestyle for our families.  Well recently I had a baby and I will tell you that gym time and healthy living were both put on hold.  More important to me was finding time to spend with my little guy and my big guy – the gym had to wait.  While breast feeding, food wasn’t about me, it was about what I needed to eat to make sure I could feed my son, and the bad habits started there…and just didn’t quit.

Fast forward a few months, I knew it was time for a change.  My husband and I strongly believe in showing our son a very active healthy life and guess where that starts… me!  We officially gave up sugar in January (my husband immediately dropped 20 lbs) but I needed another push… I needed a gym I can love and truly get behind!  ENTER – Burn Boot Camp.  This place is dedicated to women and especially moms.  They have dedicated childcare and they are so motivating!  For the first time in a LONG time I felt a sense of community!  The work outs are 45 min long, you are in and out in an hour and trust me… they make it worth it!  I felt like I may die some days ha!!!

I started with a month groupon and then moved on to a 30 day challenge.  This was so the way to go and get myself motivated!  But, I will say that if you are there, you can’t help but be motivated…  all of the locations are full of energy, women working their hardest, before and afters, and motivational posters everywhere!  Below are a few that I designed incase this community would like to download full size and put up in their homes!

Full sizes are available for download here or by clicking the images below:  Strong Women, Machines, Fit Life

If you find a place near you, you will want to have some cute clothes to work out in… and no one likes a deal better than us!  Below are some fab finds we found that will not break the bank!

  1.  Work it out Tank – 2. Swell water bottle – 3. Pink Running Shorts – 4. Workout Pants – 5. Striped Sports Bra – 6. Gym Hair Tank

And don’t forget…you can’t workout and just eat whatever you want!

Some of our favorite healthy meals are below!

  1. Home Made fruit roll ups by Seasonally Jane
  2. Greek Turkey Burgers – a reader (and crowd) favorite
  3. Cheesy Balsamic Cucumber Tomato Salad
  4. Ah-Mazing Paleo Granola
  5. You Won’t Be Single Long – Sweet Potato Fries
new shops, baby, and life… oh my

new shops, baby, and life… oh my

Hey guys!

It’s Mandi… We are so excited to be back here on Sunny Slide Up!  We took a little time away, but I will tell you it was for good reason.  We all had a full plate and today I am happy to be able to share with you what I had going on.

As you all know, I have been running my own graphic design business, Dry Ink Designs, for almost 4 years now!  It has been an amazing journey that continues to grow.  I love design, I love everything logo and brand, and I love working with clients of all shapes and sizes to communicate their best selves graphically.

However, in my free time (we all have plenty of that, right) I caught myself drawing, experimenting with new pens, ink and paint.  I continued to push my hand lettering and calligraphy. I wanted an outlet to be able to share these with others and Etsy felt like the right fit!  It is a platform that allows me to easily sell world wide and I have had the most amazing luck so far!  Please go and like my page for all new items that I put up there!

hand lettered water color

baby stats nautical theme

baby quote for nursery with watercolor

As we get closer to the holiday season, I have had many people ordering these custom gifts for babies with first christmas, for loved ones with quotes and as gifts!  They turn out great who doesn’t love custom, one-of-a-kind items!

custom christmas ornament


I love packing off things to ship to their new homes, I love getting custom orders and work with people on making something special for their home!

I have also partnered with Little Ornery to do custom shirts for mamas and babies!  These are just to cute and you are going to want to snatch up one of everything!  How cute is this little one for Thanksgiving?

baby thanksgiving onesie

Here are a few more – I literally could live in these sweatshirts!

little ornery clothing

With all of this, you wouldn’t think it could get more exciting, but I tell you…  I have had the most amazing year not because of shirts or business, but this one special amazing little boy.

I didn’t know my heart had this capacity to love.  I didn’t know a smile so small could be so big and warm me to my core.  I didn’t understand that I no longer did for myself, but that I would do everything I do, with every ounce of my soul, for another person.  I love who I have become, I have fallen in love with my husband in a new, unexperienced way, and I live for each moment I get to see his special face.  I live now to see him live, see him grow grow and watch him learn.  He has all of our heart!



How can he not with that face, right!

It is great to be back and I look forward to sharing more of our crazy journey and things that are happening!

In the meantime – follow my personal journey on Instagram and Facebook through Dry Ink Designs.

Mandi Heilig - Dry Ink Designs


meet corey from sans map

meet corey from sans map

Thanks to everyone that entered our Instagram Giveaway with Sans Map!  Congratulations to @rockstrmum for winning this awesome bag!
Sans Map Vintage Fabric Bags

Let’s get to know Corey, creator of Sans Map!

Q:  You have such an interesting name for your company.  Where did that come from?
A:  The name Sans Map, ‘sans’ meaning ‘without’ in French, means Without A Map. I’ve travelled a great deal and have lived in many different places (and countries) which has greatly influenced many aspects of who I am. My husband is French so a big part of my life is speaking the language and enjoying French culture. I’ve always lived in a way that isn’t overly planned or mapped out…living life as it comes, enjoying and embracing the unexpected paths in life!
Sans Map Bags Etsy
Q: How do you choose the fabrics for your bags?
A: I am always drawn to certain fabrics like wools, tweeds, natural fibers and woven fabrics. I often drive my decisions not by sight alone but by touch as well…Vintage fabrics (and garments that I repurpose) have a certain tactile quality to them that is hard to find in a fabric shop. I love searching for the diamonds in the rough.
Q: What’s your most popular, best-selling item?
A: My most popular item is my Messenger Bag. The perfect size and versatile to carry everyday!
Messenger BAg Sans Map
Q: You used to live in Brooklyn, NY.  What brought you to the south?
A: We really loved living in Brooklyn and were sad when we said our goodbyes…But life in the south offers us sunnier skies, more space to run and play and the opportunity to pursue our passions in a way that we couldn’t have in NY. Happy to have our feet land on this southern soil and looking forward to what the future brings!
Q: What is your favorite place to shop in Charlotte?
A: I spend a lot of time searching for fabrics and vintage garments to repurpose (and much less time shopping for myself!). I frequent the many thrift stores and vintage shops that Charlotte has in plenty.
Tassel Key Chains Made From Vintage Leather
Q: What’s your idea of the perfect day?
A: Life certainly is busy when you run a small business and have an energetic 2 year old boy!…so my perfect days are those that I can relax, spend time outside in the sun and fresh air and have nothing planned at all – foregoing the usual routines and letting the day take me wherever I please!
Corey Dergazarian Sans Map

Sans Map is my philosophy: living life as it comes, taking the uncharted path and embracing the unexpected.

Living life without a map…

Sans Map Clutch made from vintage leatehr and fabrics

follow Sans Map on:
instagram // @sans_map_bags
facebook // sans map bags
twitter // @sansmapbags
website //
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Shop Sans Map in person at the following stores:
The Frock Shop – Charlotte, North Carolina
Better Than Jam – Brooklyn, New York
Coming Soon…. Ecolicious – Charlotte, NC
Coming Soon….Amanda Thompson Design at Alexander Scott – Charlotte, NC


Sans Map Coin Purse made with vintage fabrics

Thanks for letting me  be a part of your birthday celebration Sunny Slide Up!

Corey // Sans Map

george&fran giveaway

george&fran giveaway

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. And then sometimes, you start your own clothing line. First things first, I’d like to ask your forgiveness for such a desolate existence on our Sunny Slide Up blog but when you’re being a nut, or not, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important – you guys. Having said that, I’d like to introduce you to

That’s right, I did it. I feel like Andy Samberg when he was on that boat – anything is possible. Of course, I couldn’t have done it alone so let me get my “thank yous” out of the way. Without my two beautiful models, Dyce Danger and Decker Darling there would be no one to try my clothes on and take pictures of. Perhaps the best part of their support is the fact that they have no choice. And, without the love/support/charming-good-looks of my husband, Brad, there would be no one there to listen to me tell stories of how difficult designing (and sewing) clothes can actually be. Plus all those irresistible little drawings you see on our website… straight from his dome.

George and Fran baby model pants

We went live on September 1st and without question this has been the most nerve-wracking/stressful/soulful/exciting/rewarding month of my life. I love writing and it’s always been such a great outlet for me but I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. Having gone to college to study the fine arts I wanted something people could see, not just read. I never thought of myself as a great writer but then again, I never thought of myself as a great sewer either. So, left armed with nothing more than desire and commitment I set out to develop a whole new set of skills and options for parents wanting their children to stand out in a crowd.

Our slogan is “for the offbeat child” because that’s our dream(s) for our children and that’s what we want to encourage in other parents. In a world of normalcy, we want to be there for those folks that try to break the mold. To borrow a quote from Chris Martin, “we live in a beautiful world” and we’re just trying to do our part to make it prettier.

In the spirit of making things pretty, I’d like to tell you guys about a giveaway we’re offering here on Sunny Slide Up to celebrate two amazing years of awesomeness!

See illustrious illustrations below for more details and as always, read more Sunny Slide Up and outfit your children in more George & Fran.

Love, Jenn. XOXO



One lucky fan will win:
Metallic Leopard Print Elastic Headband Set ($12.00 value) and Mod Leopard Leggings ($36.00 value)
from George & Fran new kids fashion line!