Savvy, as defined in the dictionary, means to understand or comprehend, yet it’s funny how today we associate savvy-ness with budget friendly DIY projects. Perhaps savvy should be redefined with simply an image of Martha Stewart or perhaps the two sisters from A Beautiful Mess….and after Mandi’s post this week I believe her portrait would suffice as well!

With so many interpretations of savvy, I really wanted to sit down and define this word myself.


Isn’t this more accurate? Shouldn’t being savvy relate more to how your knowledge is applied, and not just that you happen to know some stuff about stuff?

I thought I would share a recent example of my savvy resourcefulness.

If you happen to follow my personal blog then you have probably heard me mention several times that my best friend will be getting married in Las Vegas next month. This week I surprised her by making her wedding favors for her destination wedding.

I thought customized casino dice would be the perfect gift for a Vegas wedding….


This was an extremely easy and relatively inexpensive project. All it took was a little creativity, research, and resourcefulness.

Some call it Savvy!