It seems almost irresponsible to post anything other than something directly related to what happened in Boston yesterday, doesn’t it? I set my scheduled post aside for one of respect and tribute, if you will.

I came across this article last night while watching CNN, 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity, and was reminded of the beauty in ashes.

The idea that bravery and love can cross such boundaries as politics, religion, race and sexual orientation…..and do so without so much as second guessing oneself…..this represents the most basic (and beautiful) form of humanity.

Without getting too philosophical or religious, I would like to challenge you (our readers) to take time this week and seize an opportunity to display an act of unselfish kindness. I think if we manage to open our eyes we will see those in need all around us, wouldn’t you agree?

This life is so much more than price tags, labels, bank accounts and status symbols. In the blink of an eye it could all be gone and we could be left relying on the same unselfish kindness of others to get us through.

Feel free to share this icon through social media. Pay it forward.

Pay it Forward with random acts of kindness!


Jenn Davis - The Fortunate Plight