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I use LOL way too much. But I only do it when I really laugh out loud…which is a lot.  When I really get to laughing at something hilarious, I can’t stop.  I cry and giggle so much it hurts.  It makes everyone around me laugh because I look like a complete idiot loosing all control.  And then their laughter makes me laugh even more.  My husband says “oh no, she’s going chicken snail”.

The term “chicken snail” came from the first time I really lost control of my laughs in front of my husband’s parents when we first started dating.  Of course it was an inappropriate time, when we were out to dinner at a nice restaurant.  I don’t remember exactly what was said, but my husband’s father thought I said something about a chicken and a snail.  The story itself isn’t that funny, and who knows what caused me to laugh so much at that moment.  I found an old email from my now mother-in-law from soon after that night that reads: “We’re smiling with the memory of your face convulsed with laughter over the mooing chicken!”  The name “chicken snail” stuck and we now use that term to describe anyone who gets the giggles and can’t stop.

I can’t wait to see what the blog brings for this week’s “humor” theme.  Let’s all LOL together!

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