Hey guys. Sup?

So here’s the thing, I’m sure some of you out there know someone in need or perhaps you are in need of a few things yourself. With the holidays nipping at our heels it’s so easy to get caught up in seasonal recipes and diy decorations, meanwhile there are thousands of families in need.

Should we feel bad for caring about baking a delicious meal or making brilliantly creative place settings and tree toppers? Absolutely not. However, wouldn’t it be nice if we took a few minutes out of this busy season to help those in need and spread the love we have such an abundance of?!

We all have our own definition of giving but I want to share a few sites that I came across recently and encourage you to give back, should you feel so inclined.

Covenant House’s Baby Registry – The Covenant House in Newark, NJ is caring for homeless families with children and they need some essential baby clothes. It’s urgent. They are caring for families all across New Jersey and beyond that have been directly impacted by Sandy.

Monkee See Monkee Do – Helping families in need. I sat reading these families requests, some big and some small, and reading their sometimes tragic stories. It will be hard for you to not want to help them all!

HSRF – Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

Project Flipmode – Our mission is to help individuals and families facing homelessness and other crisis with prayer and support. Also by providing help and resources that will empower them to change their lives.

Do you or someone you know have needs this holiday season? Do you know of another worthy cause you would like us to share? If so, email us at sslideup@gmail.com or leave a comment below and tell us about it. We would all be more than happy to try and help in any way.

And in the spirit of giving, don’t forget to enter our Turkey Giveaway!!

Happy Tuesday!