I love the holidays.  I love Christmas, the buzzing around to find gifts the food, the crisp air.  I was always the girl that couldn’t wait until the day after Halloween – this was the day I would allow myself to start listening to Christmas songs.  I would put my radio on the holiday station and wouldn’t change it until December 26.

Well… that all changed when I met The Mister.  His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  To him, this is one holiday where it isn’t about gifts, or buzzing around to get everything inline.  It is the one holiday that is dedicated to family, to coming together to eat amazing food we all prepare with love and just be… nothing else!  Just be thankful that we are all together.

With that said… I haven’t listened to many christmas carols.  I haven’t even bought many christmas gifts.  I am taking this month to enjoy this often overlooked holiday – Thanksgiving.

Now… you better believe as soon as the last bite of turkey has been eaten and we head out to do our Black Friday shopping, I will listen to Christmas music, I will come home and decorate my house and it will be full on CHRISTMAS…. but until then… I am Thankful!

Just for fun, I created a few 8×10 printouts.  You can use these for Thanksgiving or anytime of the year!


Click on the image to get the full download size.  If you have any questions, please email me!

thankful free printable

always something to be happy about free printable

i am thankful free printable

those who said no free printable

today I am thankful

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