Turkey day is over and all of the leftovers are gone….well, almost.  December is right around the corner, so it is time to start decorating for the holidays!  One of my favorite activities to do right after Thanksgiving is to go pick out a Christmas tree for the house.

Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect tree this year:

1. MEASURE YOUR SPACE: Before you go, be sure to measure the space you plan on putting the tree. How tall is the ceiling?  Make sure you buy a tree at least a foot shorter to allow for the stand and tree topper.  How wide is the space?  Do you need a plump tree or a skinny one?  Best to plan ahead so you don’t get home and the tree won’t fit!

2. CHECK FOR FRESHNESS: When you find a tree you like, give the tree a good shake and run your fingers along the needles to be sure that the tree is fresh and healthy – be sure that not too many needles fall off.  Also, bend the branches a little and be sure that they do not snap easily.

3. DON’T FORGET THE TREE STAND: When you trim the base of the tree (or have them do it when you purchase), be sure that the tree stands straight and that the base has about 6 inches or so clear to fit in the tree stand.  You might need to measure your tree stand opening before you head out to get a tree.

I’m sure you have already noticed a few tree lots popping up around your town.  Why not take a little adventure this year and visit a tree farm?  You can walk through the forest and pick a super fresh tree.  They will chop it down right while you wait.  Visit www.realchristmastrees.org to find a Christmas Tree Farm near you.

There are many different types of Christmas trees, with the Douglas Fir being the most popular in the US.  Click HERE to read more about different tree characteristics and choose your perfect fit.

And after the holidays, don’t forget to recycle your Christmas tree!