Having a career in graphic design, I always follow trends.  The trends I watch are not only design trends, but also fashion trends.  One quick spot to find this is with Pantone Fashion Report – you can read more on my thoughts on that here.  I also go to blogs and magazines to see what they say.  Below are the trends I have read about and some inexpensive alternatives for you to stay in style!

2013 spring trends

Below is each trend broken out with inexpensive finds you can buy right now!

spring trends lace

1. black lace shirt $29.95 | 2. Lace Dress $59 | 3. Lace Back Cardigan $14


spring trend statement sunglasses

1. cat eye sunglasses $5.80 | 2. mint green sunglasses $5.95 | 3. tropical sunglasses


spring trend color flame

1. Red Skinny Jeans $34.50 |  2. Coral Blazer $88 | 3. Coral Wrap Dress $49.50


spring trend bold stripes

1. Old Navy Take $19.94 | 2. 3/4 sleeve dress $29.94 | 3. Striped Blazer $89.50

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Mandi Heilig - Dry Ink Designs