Hi friends! This year we kicked off our spooky October celebrations early. First, I hand-selected a hoppy cornucopia of pumpkin beer at Whole Foods. That part was easy!!


Next we went to the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Patch. That’s right!! Where non-secular pumpkins are less than 4 bucks each. Dreamy!

IMG_9664  IMG_9666

While the gals were elbowing & digging through the pumpkin patch, the guys were at home … playing Grand Theft Auto 5. Sound familiar? Their mission was to round up all sharp objects and power tools … offline. Distracted, they failed miserably.


Pumpkin beer, cutlery and power tools in hand, we each got busy carving up classic, spooky inspirations. We even tried a spin on a nautical octopus carving, courtesy of Coastal Living Magazine via Pinterest.

IMG_9674  IMG_9690

Viola! We were pumpkined out. But we trekked on!! We saved all the gory guts, discarded teeth and seeds for the next step — spooky pumpkin chili!


I laughed so hard when dear friends asked for the recipe. First we had to make sure we survived the first batch of spooky pumpkin chili. WE DID!


  • one large pot
  • gather all the various beans from your zombie apocalypse stash
  • gather all the cans of tomatoes & paste gathering dust in your cabinets
  • chop up all of your whithering veggies
  • salvaged pumpkin appendages
  • 1-2 packages of spicy soy-sage that sat in your car for 24+ hr
  • half opened taco seasoning packages
  • salt & pepper to taste
  1. steam all hard veggie + pumpkin appendages
  2. warm olive oil with any fragrant veggies — such as garlic & onions
  3. drain & add beans + tomatoes
  4. sprinkle in taco seasoning
  5. add remaining chopped mystery veggies
  6. chop & add soy-sage
  7. add softened veggie + pumpkin appendages
  8. add water as needed
  9. simmer for 1-2 hours
  10. season as needed

YUMMY!!!!!!! It was the perfect combination of spicy & sweet. If you prefer a real recipe here is good link for inspiration.


This weekend? We are going to hit up the Charleston plantation corn mazes & haunted hayrides. You’ll hear me scream at the top of my lungs from hundreds of miles away.