I love that moment, the one when you are at a sporting event and everyone stands up, men remove their hats, some still put their hands on their heart and all is quiet until you hear the words to the star spangled banner.  This moment lasts just a few minutes and then we are on to the game.

It is a shame, but it is times like this, and not every day that I think of the men and women that serve our country.  I recently  came across a story that stopped me dead in my tracks and take a moment to be grateful to our troops and all that they give up for us.

This is the amazing love story of Taylor Morris and his wife Danielle.


Taylor Morris


Taylor is a member of the US Navy and this is his story.  Not only his story but also the one of the woman who has stood by his side – for better or worse.  Truely an inspiration.

First I encourage you to click here to see their love story in 22 photos.

Without any words, these photos tell their amazing journey of love.


One of Taylor’s best friends is a photographer.  Tim Dodd.  He continues to capture their story.

You can read about Tim’s first time visit with Taylor.

taylor morris


The story of Taylor Walking

taylor walking



When Taylor came home.

taylor morris comes home


And finally the story of when they went to NYC for the Today Show and a Yankees Game.

taylor morris in nyc


What a story of dedication and of love at its true sense.

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