During this month of Thanksgiving how are you telling people thank you?  A gift, a card, a hug?  Below is a list of ways you can say thank you!

1. Give a small gift

A gift does not have to be big, it could be a favorite drink, a book someone has been wanting to read or a new shirt.  Just listen to what people say and this will be easy to do.

2. Write it down

There is something so special about receiving something that is actually hand written.  Whether it is a letter or a small note, it means so much when you take that extra time.

3. Get in the kitchen

Birthdays and new neighbors are not the only time to make a cake or something sweet.  Make a baked good and give it to someone special.

4. Lend an ear

If a friend needs to talk, it is simple…listen.  Pick up their phone calls and be in the moment.  A great conversation goes a long way.

5. Flowers

Our loved ones often time give us flowers, why not surprise a friend with a gift of flowers when they east expect it.

6. Hug it out

Give someone a big strong bear hug full of love and affection.

7. Pay it forward

Do a good deed for someone. Pass along the gift of giving. (See Jenn’s Post)

8. Get digital

If you are low on time – send a funny ecard.  My favorites are Somee and Monk-e-mail.

9. Charitable donation

If someone you know has a favorite charity, make a donation in their name.


How do you say thank you?