I was working on some spring cleaning in my home office this past weekend.  I have only lived in this house for 3 months, but when you have your own business and work from home things can stack up pretty quick.

My graphic design business was crazy busy when we moved in December and has been picking up speed ever since, so I haven’t really had a ton of time to spend on decorating the space.  I just threw up what we already had from our old house.  There are bookshelves stuffed full of my art and design books, some bright photos place right across from my computer, as well as my supplies pretty neatly organized in containers (thanks IKEA) ….but I definitely have big dreams for this space.  Especially since I spend  60+ hours a week in here.

As you can see from this before picture, my office need some help….and on a positive note, I get great sunlight in the morning!


This past week I came across this poster…and I LOVE IT.  I thought to myself – this is the kind of stuff I want up on my walls in my office!


 Available on Fab.com for purchase if you are interested


So, I have decided to pick back up on my office design plan…I will be pinning ideas to my “Dream Office” Pinterest Board if you care to follow along.   A few other sweet ideas for my office…



File Cabinet Makeover!  Click Here For Step By Step


Hello Wooden Sign Found on Etsy


Don’t Forget To Be Awesome Poster Found on Fresh Words Market (they have a lot of great posters)

And dont’ forget about my love for washi tape.  You better believe this makeover will involve some washi 🙂

I promise to post the fabulous after photo as soon as it is done!  Do you have any ideas for me?  I would love to hear them!  Feel free to comment below…

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