Introducing Muffin from  She is a great friend of ours and an amazing painter.  Check out some of her beautiful paintings and then read her tips on being a colorist below!

Thanks to the fabulous ladies at Sunny Slide Up for having me! Even though I’m an artist I primarily consider myself a colorist…mixing colors, creating a piece of work to pull out a specific color in a room, using color to give a space meaning (see Heather’s blog Wednesday), etc.

Let’s go over the basics of being a colorist:

*Primary colors are: Red, Yellow, Blue and Red because they are used to make other colors.
-Red and yellow make orange
-Yellow and blue make green
-Blue and red make purple
*Secondary colors are Orange, green, and purple because they’re made with primary colors.

*Cool colors recede to the back: green, blue and purple.
*Warm colors rise to the front: red, orange yellow.

*Complementary color pairs work well together:
-Red and green
-Orange and blue
-Yellow and purple

*Saturated colors are vibrant and exciting and less saturated colors are faded and not as vibrant.

Now that you too are a colorist go out and paint the world with a color of your own!

All the best,