Do you have plans to travel over Thanksgiving?  And if so, is it by air?

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we’ll be flying North for the holiday (and I don’t know why..) but every year I’m amazed at how crazy flight prices are.  I should be used to it… we’ve spent many of the past Thanksgivings flying into Boston from places like San Francisco, Charlotte and Phoenix, but there’s still sticker shock each time I start my search.   I always try to make an effort to book our flights well in advance, but sometimes plans are up in the air (pun may or may not be intended) until we get closer to the holidays.

So if you still have plans to make, here’s a little guide I came across from a recent news story… listed below is the average round-trip airfare from the top 20 origination markets over the holiday.  You can use this number while you’re shopping for flights… Travelocity calls it “the price to beat”:

New York City:   $376

Washington, DC:  $366

Los Angeles:  $415

Denver:  $349

Chicago:  $372

San Francisco:   $436

Boston:  $392

South Florida:   $300

Philadelphia:   $407

Dallas/Fort Worth:  $360

Seattle:   $424

Minneapolis St. Paul:  $371

Phoenix:  $328

Atlanta:  $334

Portland:   $328

Orlando:   $279

Tampa:  $293

Detroit:  $377

Charlotte:  $352

Raleigh Durham:  $376

Houston:  $411

Indianapolis:  $388

San Diego:  $410

Pittsburgh:  $352

Milwaukee:  $356

Of course you can always save a little money by flying on Thanksgiving Day, the Friday following, and Tuesday, Nov. 27th…. OR!  by entering to win a FREE turkey