It seems that there is always an animal that makes an appearance each year.  The past few years we have seen a lot of birds – especially owls – and then last year there seemed to be a lot of octopuses — or… octopi?  Ha!  Anyway, each year a new animal seems to pop up in home decor, fashion, design, etc.  This year must be the fox – and I kind of love it!

If you want to be up on the trend, below are some great finds!

fox women apparel

For the ladies: 1. Fox Shirt – $25.99, 2. Fox Leggings – $29.99   3. Fox Shirt – $48.00   4. Wrapped Fox Shirt $49.00

fox accessories

For the bling:  1. Fox Wrap Bracelet – $112  2. Fox Studded Earrings $15   3. Fox Scarf $9.99     4. Fox Charm $30

fox for the home

For the House  1. Fox Print $40   2. Fox Pillow   3. Fox Wall Hook $22  4. Fox Bookend $9

Mandi Heilig - Dry Ink Designs