These funky utensils make cooking even more fun!  Pizza Scissors – genius, why didn’t I think of this first?  MixStix – a perfect gift for a young chef or drummer.  Salad Plant Servers – this would look great sitting in your kitchen window.  Head Chef Utensils – a great cooking gift for kids, or grown-ups that still act like kids.  Twirling Spaghetti Fork – I want to try this! Finger Sporks – well, this is just funny.  Can you imagine surprising your dinner guests with these crazy kitchen gadgets?

  1. Pizza Scissors Spatula via ThisIsWhyImBroke
  2. MixStix via Perpetual Kid
  3. Salad Plant via Uncommon Goods
  4. Head Chef Utensils via Amazon
  5. Twirling Spaghetti Fork via Kitchen Kapers
  6. Finger Sporks via Think Geek

Now for a fun recipe.  Finger Food Sushi – Perfect for people like me who do not like actual sushi and a great party appetizer for a baby shower since pregnant women can’t eat sushi. Guaranteed to impress your guests!

Trim the crusts off Pumpernickel Bread . Flatten with a rolling pin and spread with Cream Cheese . Add sliced Turkey Breast , sliced cucumber and slicedavocado . Roll up. Slice into one-inch segments.

Have fun and enjoy!