What was your first concert?  I’m pretty sure mine was Neil Diamond.  Mmmm hmmm… for real.  I was young and tagged along with my Mom.  I remember actually enjoying myself because I knew all the songs – she played the ALBUMS (like the record kind) so much, I was a fan by association.  His sparkly outfit was pretty awesome too.

I went to a few different concerts throughout high school – and like Heather was smart to do yesterday, I also won’t embarrass myself with revealing my high school taste in music (Mmmmmmmbop!).. but there is one concert I will admit to going to: the Barenaked Ladies.  I saw them for the first time in Boston after taking the train into the city with friends.  We managed to make our way up to the front row and it was the best!  We sang our hearts out.. and then a porta potty almost caved in on me when someone walked across the top of it.  True story.

Fast forward a few years later and the Barenaked Ladies are on stage in front of us again.  Like that other time, it was a warm Summer night and there was a group of us belting our hearts out.  Is there anything better?