Ahh, New Year resolutions!

They always seem to sound the same:  lose weight, get healthier, drink more water (and less of the bad stuff)… spend time with family and friends and less with social media.  The list goes on.  And by March-ish, all is quickly forgotten.

So maybe instead of the typical resolutions, you give 101 in 1001 in a try!






It’s simple:  101 goals to be completed in 1001 days.

I tried this exercise a couple of years ago (and just recently came across my old list!)… it was inspiring to see how much I was able to cross off, and how some of the things I listed pushed me out of my comfort zone — I made sure to add things that would help me grow, and other goals that I considered ‘scary’.

I physically wrote mine out on a few pieces of paper, and crossed things off over time.  Feel free to do whatever works best for you!

What would you put on your list?  You can always start with the typical New Year goals & resolutions and then expand from there.

I think it’s about time I start another one:

#1 – have a baby

I’ll work on the rest and share as the months continue!

Stephanie Egan - Stephanie Egan Photography