October is here!  And here are my top ten reasons to love October…

  1. Halloween – I love costumes.  I actually have a box of props that I keep handy in my house all year round to bust out impromptu for any occasion.  No need to only do this once a year for Halloween!  But at least for this holiday people don’t think I’m crazy for doing so.
  2. Football – Goooooooo Dawgs!  Football is in full swing now and the weather is perfect for tailgating, which is almost just as fun as going to the game.
  3. S’mores – The chilly evenings are perfect for a fire and nothing makes a fire better than s’mores!  Check out these 10 Creative Twists on S’mores Recipes.  Enjoy these last weeks of daylight in the evenings before we turn our clocks back on Nov. 4.
  4. Carving Pumpkins – Who knew you could have so much fun with a fruit and a knife?
  5. More Pumpkin! –  Is it just me or does everyone seem to go pumpkin crazy this month? Pumpkin pies, pumpkin beer, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spiced lattes.  Jenn and Steph are obsessed with pumpkin spiced lattes.
  6. Leaves – I know.  I know.  Raking up those piles of leaves that fall is a pain in the butt, but isn’t the leaves changing is one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen?  Time to take a drive to the mountains and check out nature’s beautiful display of colors.  Check out this map to see when the peak times are in all of the states.
  7. Camping – Perfect weather, the last weeks of evening light, leaves in bright colors, campfires and s’mores…this all sounds like a perfect camping trip!
  8. Sweaters and Scarfs – It’s time to break out your sweaters and scarfs that have been packed away for all of those months – it feels like a whole new wardrobe!
  9. Candy  – It’s impossible to not eat candy in the month of October.  It is everywhere you look and normally on sale enticing buyers to stock up for those trick-or-treaters.  It is hard to resist those mini bite-size candy bars!  Candy corn?  Yes, please.
  10. Oktoberfest! – I almost love beer as much as I love candy.  And in the month of October there are beer festivals everywhere.  Want to find one?  Check out beerfestivals.org for the world’s largest list of beer tastings around the world.

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