Surprised to see us?  We took a year vacation!  Just kidding.  Life gets busy.  People have babies and start a handmade gift ETSY shop (Mandi!), people design kids clothes for the cutest online shop (Jenn!)…. So, as you can see we have had a lot going on.   But, we still get around 1,000 visits a day to our blog and some of you have expressed missing us….so we are back!   We are going to be realistic here and not promise posts every week….but we promise to not go MIA for a whole year again.  We have missed our Sunny Slide Up friends!


To celebrate being back on the blog and our 3rd birthday, we will be hosting a special giveaway.  More details to come later this week!


We have made some updates to our “Meet The Crew” page – take a look.  And to recap, we thought it would be fun to take a look at our most visited blog posts since we started about three years ago….




 1. chicken pot pie cupcakes 

Our chicken pot pie recipe is perfect for this time of year and with over a half of a million visits, we know you will enjoy these!


2. 10 easy fall appetizers

The cold weather is coming in, so don’t miss out on our ever popular 10 Easy Apps for Fall.
 easy fall appetizers


3. cheddar jalapeno chicken burgers with guacamole 

You guys love our recipes and this one is not to be missed!   This is one of Heather’s favorite meals.


4. easy calligraphy anyone can do

Mandi is a pro at calligraphy and she shares some great tips here.
DIY easy calligraphy


5. flowers that come back each year

Is it too early to dream about spring?
fresh cut flowers


6. 40 road trip songs for the summer

Start planning for next summer’s road trip!
road trip songs


7. cook like a pro

Some awesome tips here for all kind of cooking tricks!
clear ice cubes


8. jello shots

Ok, so we aren’t 20 something anymore.  But when you want to party like you are…here you go!
strawberry jello shots


9. 50 awesome workout songs

Who needs to get back to the gym?  Here are some tunes to help with the workout.
50 Awesome Workout Songs


10. choosing the right color

Having a hard time choosing a color for your home, event, etc?  Check out the meaning of colors here.

Crayons_Color Meanings

11. happy quotes for happy spring

These happy quotes are good for fall too.  But, spring is only 145 days away.

12. rummy bears

These would be a big hit at your holiday party.  Promise!
Rummy Bears


13. rain drops keep falling on my head

Mandi shares some super cute rain boots.
rain quote


14. don’t dress like a slut…and other lessons my grandmother taught me

Grandma’s know best.


15. the perfect tree

This is a must read for the upcoming holidays.
choosing the perfect tree


16. decades of color

Color! Color! Color!
Pantone Color Of The Year - Past Decade


17. charming little nest

A beautiful dream kitchen remodel.


18. taking a meal for others

Helpful hints when cooking for others and some great recipes!
helpful hints - cooking for others


19. relaxing obx vacation

Top 5 Things To Do in Corolla, NC
bikes obx


20. giving

With the holidays right around the corner, this is a good read – and some free printables!

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.  See you very soon!- The Sunny Side Up Ladies