Washi tape is all the rage now.  I must confess, I have become a little obsessed with it myself.

Perfect to spruce up letters or packages, gift tags and gift wrap.
Creative Washi Tape Ideas(Image curtsey of The Plaid Barn, a great place to find Washi Tape deals)


In case you are wondering what all of this “washi” talk is about, let me catch you up…

“Washi” is a style of paper that originated out of Japan.  Fast forward about 1000+ years and now the process has been applied to tape.

It is the latest crafting craze and this stuff is popping up everywhere.  I even saw a coupon in my Sunday paper the other weekend for Scotch Tape’s “Expressions” that looks very similar to washi tape.  They cost about $2-5 a roll – check out Etsy.com for a ton of great washi tape stores.  I bought the ones I have from a daily deal on The Plaid Barn.

Washi tape is basically decorative thin masking tape.  You can get it in a million styles. And it’s very easy to use and can be used to dress up just about anything!  Now, let me show you some of the cool stuff you can do with washi tape, most of them so simple and quick!
Cover Your Tea Light Candles!
DIY Washi Tape Ideas
Tape Plastic Utensils to Cups at Your Party!
Spruce Up Your Keyboard!
Washi Tape Keyboard
Washi Wall Art!
Washi Wall Art
Decorate Your Plain iPhone Charger!
Washi Tape iPhone
Washi Tape Your Easter Eggs!
washi tape easter egg
Feeling inspired yet?  There are TONS of great ideas out there, especially on Pinterest.  Be sure to follow our boards while we go crazy for washi tape!
And the graphic designer in me, must provide you with some DIGITAL Washi Tape, so here is a link to some freebie washi tape strips available for download from Pugly Pixel.
Free Waashi Tape Patterns
Are you crazy for washi tape yet?
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