I don’t know where you are at the moment and what the weather is currently doing outside your window, but here in Charlotte it’s been rain rain rain for what feels like days on end.  I realize that’s nothing to complain about as my friends in the North awake to snow-covered cars, slippery walkways and the general brown mush it all turns to after a few days.  Either way, it’s Winter everywhere, and with that comes a lot of gloomy days.  Days when January seems to DRAG and the holidays are nothing but a distant memory.

On my way home this evening, just as I was letting the gray skies get to me, Three Little Birds appeared.

Not physically… but through the speakers of my car, and through the voice of Bob Marley.  And I was instantly transported back in time:

May 27, 2012.

In Jamaica to shoot a wedding, it was Sunday, and my work was done…  sitting on the beach with two girlfriends, drinks in hand and aqua water in front of us, two old men appeared – locals.  In trousers and button down lightweight cotton shirts, carrying a suitcase and some other makeshift musical contraption, they sat down before us.  And there, on a beach in Negril, in Paradise… they serenaded us with the most perfect version of Three Little Birds.  Using the suitcase as a seat, and also as a drum.  In that moment, the words of that song could not have been more true:  there was really nothing to worry about, and if there was… every little thing gonna be alright.

How fortunate we were to be sitting on a sun soaked beach without a care in the world.  And with today’s rain, and a random song selection at the perfect time… I’m back there again.








Stephanie Egan - Stephanie Egan Photography