Growing up, I had an Aunt who worked for the publisher Houghton Mifflin… and as a perk of that job, I was continuously gifted with books (usually signed by the authors!) for all kinds of occasions and then often for no occasion at all.  It was always SO exciting to get a new one, usually just hitting the store shelves as it hit the ones in my bedroom.

My childhood book collection was extensive, and when my parents came to visit this Summer they brought along a couple of boxes of some favorites they had kept over the years for us to fill the nursery with.  I opened up the boxes a few weeks ago and started looking them over… along with Make Way for Ducklings, Sheep in a Jeep and The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, there were also a mixture of Christmas books.  (I’m so excited that our baby already has a library full of the classics!)

As I’ve gotten older and friends have started having kids, my favorite go-to gift to give is books.  A child can never have too many books (too many toys, yes) but never too many books.  At least, in my opinion!  So in the spirit of the giving season, and for those in doubt of what to give the little ones on your list… skip over the Barbie or Hot Wheels and contribute to their library instead.

Some of my favorite, classic Christmas books:

Front Cover

The Night Before Christmas (Pictureback(R))

Frosty the Snowman (Frosty the Snowman) (Little Golden Book)

The Christmas Story

Home for Christmas

And give a gift to yourself as well by entering our December giveaway – you could probably have guessed that it involves BOOKS! – hopefully you’ll find some inspiration from each of them as you start the new year.

Stephanie Egan - Stephanie Egan Photography