Hi!  Happy Labor Day to everyone!  This is the weekend everyone heads out of town for one more weekend away… one more family vacation… and we usually head to the beach… oh yes… the beach!  So, we felt it only fitting that we choose THE BEACH as our theme for the week.

What a wonderful word.  Just the other day I told a friend of mine how great it would be to live at the beach.  I truly believe that my life would have much less stress if I could spend 10 minutes on the beach, watching and listening to the waves – total peace.

I feel fortunate that I live close to the beach and have been able to spend a few weekends a year walking the shores of the Carolinas.  Beside that I have been able to also visit amazing places allowing me to look out over the ocean. Below are a few of my favorite photos from those trips.


What are some of your favorite beach memories?  Did you take a trip to the beach for the weekend?

Below are some photos from past trips with quotes I love.  I hope you enjoy!