The heat brunt of Summer is just around the corner and since I have a new found appreciation for anything frozen, I thought I would share with you some mouth watering recipes for frozen treats you can create at home!

Hello sweet Cantaloupe Popsicle, you sexy, underestimated things you…..

Recipe Here (please note that if you open this link in google chrome it will give you the option to translate)


Grapefruit and Strawberry Greyhound Popsicle….

Recipe Here


Strawberry Smoothie

Recipe Here


Blackberry Ice-cream with Amaretto! Ummm….yes, please.

Blackberry Ice Cream with Amaretto 7

Recipe Here.


Campari-Citrus Sorbet


Recipe Here.


Which one of these made your mouth water?!

Stay cool.

Jenn Davis - The Fortunate Plight