While driving to dinner last weekend, my husband and I passed a home decorated for Christmas… which made him shout out something like, WHOA DID YOU SEE THAT?!   I wasn’t sure what house he was talking about..  I was busy noticing the tastefully decorated bushes of one house, and the others with candles in the windows (while driving and paying attention to the road, of course!).

On our way back home he had me pull down the street for a closer look.

I must be blind.

I have no clue how I missed THIS:


























I mean, wow!  We pulled up in front of the house… along with a line of cars who pulled up behind us.  We had no words for what we were looking at.  And then I rolled down the window to grab a couple of iphone pics, and it got better!

Christmas music was blaring.

This house definitely gives Chevy Chase a run for his money, and a whole new meaning to showing your Christmas spirit!  But I had to wonder how their neighbors feel?  The houses on either side had not one single decoration…

So, how do you decorate?  We do wreaths on the front doors and some candles in the windows.  Basic stuff that you wouldn’t be able to see from space.

‘Tis the season!