We all enjoy a little party over here at Sunny Slide Up.  You might remember our jello shots post from last year.  Well, this recipe is even easier than jello shots.  Introducing…..

Rummy Bears


To make rummy bears…

Just dump a bunch of gummy bears in a large Tupperware container – short rectangular works best.

Then just barely cover the bears with rum. A 5-6 lb. bag of gummy bears plus a regular size bottle of rum. (Not the large size you see in the picture above)

Place in the fridge and pull out to stir once a day. Works best if they soak for 3 days, but 2 is ok.

They will enlarge, so don’t fill the container all the way!  Best to use two containers for 5-6 lbs. of gummy bears.

Guaranteed to be a huge hit at your party!

Heather Johnson - The Creative Stack