Good morning and let me just say… happy birthday to me!!!

I will admit it..  I am one of those girls that LOVES my birthday!  I love spending time with family and friends and I love doing something special, even if it is a nice dinner and a cake.  I will be honest and say that those people that say – “eh, I don’t care to do anything for my birthday” have to by lying right?.  Don’t you think they are DYING for someone to jump out and surprise them with a party!

This weekend we are heading out of town to North Myrtle Beach.  I plan to go to Fat Harold’s and do a little shag dancing, maybe get some amazing seafood, go to the Kate Spade outlet hopefully take in some UVs!  ah, relaxation!

The Mister and my mom have been asking me what I want for my birthday.  This year I know exactly what I need…. RAIN SHOES – or BOOTS!

A few weekends ago The Mister, my family, some friends and his family went to Merle Fest.  I LOVE this festival – bluegrass, blues and folk music all outside and tucked in the NC mountains.  Every year so far has been perfect…. But this year… it rained.  That constant, annoying rain.

This is a snapshot of our Saturday:


I had on tennis shoes, sneakers, tenny’s…  Basically it was awful.  My shoes, socks, jeans and feet were SOAKED – next time I will be prepared with my rain boots , or rain shoes (I’m still deciding).

cute rain shoes


1. Chooka Yellow Shoes 2. Ugg Rain shoes 3. Hunter rain shoes 4. crocs jellies  5. hunter rain shoes  6. dav rain shoes

rain boots


1. Teal Chooka Boots 2. cowboy rain boot 3. red Hunter boots  4. target snake print boots 5. animal print hunter boots

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite?

Here are some quotes for a rainy day!

rain quotes


rain quotes


rain quote


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