Anyone out there win Powerball?

I’ll admit I got caught up in all the hype and purchased a few tickets.  And of course I’m taking the time to write this because its Wednesday night and they haven’t done the drawing… Which means I haven’t darted off for my own private island just yet.

And really the best part of the whole thing is really the DREAM of it all.  What would you do with all that money?!  Retire.  New house.  New car.  Take care of family and donate a portion.  Go on the trip of a lifetime (or a few!) and then fill the rest of your days with who and what you love.

I overheard countless conversations along those lines.

Are you someone who thinks that amount of money is scary?  Have you seen the documentaries on past winners?  Some just aren’t capable of handling such extreme wealth; they say winning was the worst thing to happen to them.

I guess I decided to take my chances.

Plus, it’s fun to imagine!