I don’t know how the rest of you all feel, but some of the maternity options out there are pretty horrendous. It’s gotten better over the years, for sure, but some of the pieces still make me squirm. Also, I just want to go on the record in saying that I’m having a hard time imagining any expectant mother looking good in a pair of  “Dungarees“. I’m sorry….feel free to try and prove me wrong. I’m a big fan of  buying non-maternity clothes that will work through pregnancy and beyond so I am sharing a few of the styles I like with you all today. I realize that not everything works for every body type….and you best believe that I will be pulling out my maternity jeans by the time my 8th month rolls around, but it’s nice to know that we can limit the amount of “maternity” clothes we need to buy, because there are so many other options out there!
Non-maternity, maternitySweater, Shorts, Red Dress, Sweatshirt Dress

Chevron Maxi, Oversized Tee, Cobalt Dress

HATCH Collection now on Gilt

Cobalt Maxi, Peach Baby Doll, Animal Maxi

What are some of your favorites?

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