7 weeks ago, my 83 year old grandfather (Papaw) had a FULL knee replacement.  If you have met this man, you know that this did not keep him down!

He has more life and energy than most people half his age.  He spends his time playing golf with friends, going to the YMCA to do his aerobics, staying active at the church, spending time with family and visiting friends… especially those that are unable to leave their homes.

Last week he bought a new car…I can’t wait to go visit… I know I will have to “take it out for a drive!”

A few days ago my sister sent me this video of him doing lunges across the house.  She said this was his third trip through the house.  Maybe we should all take a lesson.  Rounds of squats, 83 years old, 7 weeks after a knee replacement.

Maybe we should all take a lesson from Peter Pan, NEVER GROW UP!



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