The funny thing about life is that, it happens.

Yesterday was one of those days when, looking back on it, I just have to laugh! I fell going into my office when I was climbing the stairs and cracked my foot a little. Then, of course, any time a pregnant woman falls she should be seen… after getting my foot secured in a stylish black boot it was off to the OBGYN . Baby girl was perfectly well and there were no concerns as far as my fall, however my doctor proceeds to inform me that my weight is a slight concern. It seems I have gained twice the suggested amount thus far and it’s something they want to keep an eye on (for blood sugar purposes). From there my day only got better (sarcasm) as I went back to work and barely made it to my scheduled conference call before managing to hobble inside my son’s daycare to fetch him after leaving work (I should mention they don’t give expectant mothers pain medication. BONUS.).

I was dreaming about relaxing on the couch with an elevated foot and letting my son watch afternoon cartoons until my husband got home (to make dinner……I did say daydreaming, after all). Don’t you love how those day dreaming scenarios never pan out? Instead I came home and not only was our power out because of a storm that afternoon, but I discovered that our dog had had an upset stomach ALL through the house and had thrown up on the couch. I immediately called my husband and told him that I was giving up.

It was not my day.

Being the amazing man he is (duh), he came right home and cleaned the mess and loaded our son in the car so we could eat dinner out. We were hoping our power would be back on by the time we returned. Again, day dreaming scenario. Needless to say, our power never came back on and as I am typing this post it is still not on. We were told they are hoping to have it back on by 5pm today.

So here I am, thinking about all the food in our fridge we will have to throw out. Then thinking about food in general. Then thinking about lunch. And dessert. Then thinking about those extra pounds I should be concerned about.

And the only thing left for me to do is laugh. I laugh and smile and thank God for everything that happened yesterday.

Thankful that I didn’t break my neck when I fell. Thankful that our baby wasn’t harmed. Thankful for doctors who care enough about me to be honest. Thankful for a job that allows flexibility. Thankful for a private office where I can unbutton my pants after lunch and elevate my bum foot. Thankful that a tree didn’t fall through our house because of the storm. Thankful that because of two days without power our electricity bill should be lower. Thankful for a dog who only threw up on our couch and got off before anything came out the other end. Thankful for a son who asks me if I’m ok. Thankful for a husband who can laugh at this mess with me. Thankful for a God who allows me to see the bright side.

And thankful for this blog where I can ramble on about my bad luck and feel it’s completely appropriate.

I will leave you with this little video. It made me smile and hope it can do the same for you….

My Happy End from Talking Animals on Vimeo.


Jenn Davis - The Fortunate Plight