So, one of my favorite wedding gifts we got was two GlassyBaby candles.  My dear cousin lives in Seattle and gave me some candles for a gift!  In red and teal of course for my love of these colors as they are my company colors for Dry Ink Designs – RED AND TEAL.

Here you can see them in my office!

glassybaby candles


They are amazing size, hold a tea-light and best yet, 10% from the sale of every glassy baby goes directly to organizations that support people in all kinds of needs.  To date over $2M has been donated to help others.

glassybaby 10%

Visit their website here for more information.  You can see how they are made, how to stay in touch with their online community, and where to shop.



These are great!  I love having them in my house – especially now that I know the story behind it!


Mandi Heilig - Dry Ink Designs