A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about my Granny and what a special lady she was to our family!

My family misses her every day, but we are blessed to still have my crazy, loving, one-of-a-kind Papaw around to keep us in check!

Today is his birthday and so I want to celebrate him!  That man has tough hands from years of work, stories for days that he will tell you as he re-acts them out, and a heart bigger than I will ever have.

papaw words

He is at the center of our family and still keeps us all in check.  He has shown us how to be a part of our church and community.  He supports all of us and is so proud of all of his grand children… don’t believe me.. just ask him!  He will tell you!

He is still so active, going to the YMCA, having breakfast out with friends, going to local ball games, playing golf with old buddies and visiting old friends and family at their homes and nursing homes.  He even got a new car recently that has “too much stuff” on it.. but he is learning and driving it around like the best of them!

He has a cell phone, which he will answer, but refuses to get a computer… sometimes I think that would be so nice… to remain disconnected!

I love this man, love his heart, , love his hugs where he squeezes and pinches my side, love his stores that he tells with so much excitement, love his face that has seen so much and continues to keep going!

He uses words that most don’t use anymore… Confound, Yonder, Down the Road a Piece, Kin-folk, etc…


Happy Birthday Papaw!

Love the face he gives me when I tell him to smile.


Lunch with Papaw



Old photo of “Super Dad!”    Just ignore me in this one…#badhaircutinthe80s


Lunch at our favorite local spot






papawLove you, Lawrence Edward, Captain, Papaw

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