What is your picture of “Health”?

Is it what you see in the mirror?  Is it going on a long run, or rolling up your yoga mat after a grueling class?

Is it a quiet Sunday afternoon with your favorite book, or a walk in the park to clear your head?

Physical and mental health are so important.  At some times in our lives the two are completely in sync, everything is humming along as it should; you are happy and you feel GOOD.   And there are other times when one or the other falters… we let our imperfections get in the way of our goals and progress.  You reach that plateau and give up.  You become depressed and dwell in that space.  You are STUCK.  There is no way out and there’s no way to keep up with your former healthy self; there’s no way to get back there again.


There is.

You take it one step at a time.  So tiny, those steps… feeling like you’re moving at a snail’s pace.  But you keep at it, and you eventually see the results.  You talk through your hard times with a friend.  You make the choice to walk around the block instead of reaching for that snack, or plopping down on the couch for hours of TV.

And if you’ve been fortunate enough to always be healthy.. to always be motivated and upbeat:  you embrace it and you are thankful for it.  You keep pushing your body, and your mind, because you know the benefits.  You see the results in that mirror:  the picture of health is you.  And you encourage others because this feeling of health is something everyone should know.

So, are you in a healthy place?

If yes, spread it forward and ENCOURAGE someone today.  Tell them of your struggles and what you overcame.  Tell them that first 5k… it was daunting.  And then tell them how daunting that marathon was.  That you succeeded at each by literally putting one foot in front of the other.  That you became a yoga instructor with years of practice and so much discipline.

And if you’re not in a healthy place… well there’s nowhere to go but up.  Stop reading this post and take a 5 minute walk.  Stop reading this post and sit quietly for 5 minutes.  Talk to a friend about what’s going on in your life.  Sign up for that race you’re scared of.

We should all see ourselves as the definition of health.


When I see my healthy self, I’m outside… hiking the mountains of AZ, NC and the Grand Canyon.