I threw a Superbowl party last night.  And I might have had one too many adult beverages, as I’m sure many people did.  I would like to take this time to share with you how I get over a hangover. Happy Monday After The Superbowl!

Step 1:

A large glass of water and a handful of crackers.  This is the basics.  Rehydrate and get something bland in your stomach.

hangover cures


Step 2:

Less-Drowsy Dramamine .  This will still make you a little sleepy, but if your are nauseous this works wonders.  Be sure to get the less-drowsy kind, or you will for sure need to go back to bed.

how to cure a hangover


Step 3:

A burger and a soda.  Man this looks good.  I think I want a burger for lunch now.

hangover tips


Clearly, I am no doctor.  These are my own ramblings.

Check out these hangover cures from around the world from Flavored Delights



Do you have any good hangover remedies?  Okay, I’m going back to bed now.

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