This post was difficult for me… I went back and forth on what memory to write about.  I seriously sat and stared at the computer screen for at least an hour… I scrolled through the recent pictures in front of me, and then I went through the ones in the hard drive of my mind.  What moment in my past was worthy of sharing, and which one would you find interesting?!  Soooo many memories; I tried to recall my earliest, but couldn’t pin point what it would be.  And then I tried to think of my favorite.. but there is no possible way to choose just one.

Because I’m fortunate to have a lifetime full of the best memories.

And the opportunity to revisit them whenever I want.


So I decided on the simplest of moments:

It was a Sunday morning in December.  Our first year living in Arizona, and we had just started taking out the Christmas decorations.. while talking over Starbucks.  The main topic was The Polar Express, and with it, my DISBELIEF that Rich did not know this classic story… one that was synonymous with my Christmas memories.  Later that week we picked out our tree and continued making the most of our December in the desert.


On Christmas morning we woke to find two copies beneath the tree.

We gifted each other with the book,

and a new memory to look back on and smile about.