I wish I could recall the events of the day with my own memory, because I was there, and so were Bert & Ernie…  but it’s through other people’s stories that I’m told about that party.

The one where I was surrounded by so much love, and so much celebration.

My 1st birthday.

It’s this time of year that the story is told.  Because I was born on the 4th of July, and that first celebration was a BIG one.  Lobsters and steaks and picnic tables and everyone partying like it was 1982.  My Grandfather was manning the grill and I was manning the toys.  He, happily chomping on a piece of steak, me, happily chomping on Bert’s nose; picture evidence proves both.  And in an instant, with a gust of wind, the wood fence surrounding the yard of my parents duplex blew over onto the grill and onto the steaks (and luckily not on to me, or anyone else!).  A story told endlessly from that day to this one, never once getting old.


For me, July 4th is less about my birthday — I think this began when I was little and continued throughout school…  never building up the hope of a big party with friends who were always on vacations with their parents or at BBQ’s of their own — instead it was, and still is, more about lobsters and backyards and pool parties and being with those you love.  It’s about the celebration of our country (and a day off from work!), and a celebration of Summer.  It’s a day EVERY American can celebrate together.

I’m sure you have your own July 4th memories… traditions you’ve started, and the ones that may have been passed down from family and friends.  Sparklers anyone?

Leave a comment and let us know how you celebrate the 4th!

Just watch out for falling fences — and I’ll be sure to have a piece of cake for each of you!