My dad has this amazing barn that holds all of his “man stuff”.   He is always out there working on something or nothing, but it is such a great space for him to have.   He had mentioned a few times that he likes the barn quilts that he sees driving through the mountains and down country roads.  Well, as a surprise for him this christmas, we decided to make one for him.  I designed out a custom quilt patch and we found an amazing lady to paint it for us!  It turned out SO great and I love that it is a one of a kind design just for our main man.

barn quilt

What are barn quilts?  Here is a link to tell you everything you would want to know, but basically it is a square piece of wood that is painted to look like a barn quilt.  Typically they are square in size 4×4, 6×6 or 8×8.   We went with 6×6.

This is a picture I pulled from a pinterest board to give you and idea of what I am talking about… how cool huh?

011514_barn quilts_pinterest



Our last name starts with the letter “H” so I used that as my inspiration.  Here you can see how I used a few “Hs” in the design.

custom barn quilt design

Once I had the design laid out, I sent over a PDF to Miracle Farms –  a local farm that is amazing at creating these quilts.  She takes the design, sketches it out on a grid paper and then starts taping it out to scale and begins to paint.  Here is a picture during the process – there are more here on her facebook page.


barn quilt production



My mom, The Mister and I drove out to their farm and picked it up Christmas Eve.  They were the sweetest family with such a sweet home (her workshop is her fathers original one room home from years and years ago that they have upgraded).  We got back home and surprised my dad with his new barn quilt!  I think that he was a bit surprised, but really liked it!   A few days later, it was up and on the barn for all to see!

barn quilt


I am so happy with it!  Such a wonderful custom piece of art made with such love!

Mandi Heilig - Dry Ink Designs