george&fran giveaway

george&fran giveaway

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. And then sometimes, you start your own clothing line. First things first, I’d like to ask your forgiveness for such a desolate existence on our Sunny Slide Up blog but when you’re being a nut, or not, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important – you guys. Having said that, I’d like to introduce you to

That’s right, I did it. I feel like Andy Samberg when he was on that boat – anything is possible. Of course, I couldn’t have done it alone so let me get my “thank yous” out of the way. Without my two beautiful models, Dyce Danger and Decker Darling there would be no one to try my clothes on and take pictures of. Perhaps the best part of their support is the fact that they have no choice. And, without the love/support/charming-good-looks of my husband, Brad, there would be no one there to listen to me tell stories of how difficult designing (and sewing) clothes can actually be. Plus all those irresistible little drawings you see on our website… straight from his dome.

George and Fran baby model pants

We went live on September 1st and without question this has been the most nerve-wracking/stressful/soulful/exciting/rewarding month of my life. I love writing and it’s always been such a great outlet for me but I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. Having gone to college to study the fine arts I wanted something people could see, not just read. I never thought of myself as a great writer but then again, I never thought of myself as a great sewer either. So, left armed with nothing more than desire and commitment I set out to develop a whole new set of skills and options for parents wanting their children to stand out in a crowd.

Our slogan is “for the offbeat child” because that’s our dream(s) for our children and that’s what we want to encourage in other parents. In a world of normalcy, we want to be there for those folks that try to break the mold. To borrow a quote from Chris Martin, “we live in a beautiful world” and we’re just trying to do our part to make it prettier.

In the spirit of making things pretty, I’d like to tell you guys about a giveaway we’re offering here on Sunny Slide Up to celebrate two amazing years of awesomeness!

See illustrious illustrations below for more details and as always, read more Sunny Slide Up and outfit your children in more George & Fran.

Love, Jenn. XOXO



One lucky fan will win:
Metallic Leopard Print Elastic Headband Set ($12.00 value) and Mod Leopard Leggings ($36.00 value)
from George & Fran new kids fashion line!



in the south we have papaws

in the south we have papaws

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about my Granny and what a special lady she was to our family!

My family misses her every day, but we are blessed to still have my crazy, loving, one-of-a-kind Papaw around to keep us in check!

Today is his birthday and so I want to celebrate him!  That man has tough hands from years of work, stories for days that he will tell you as he re-acts them out, and a heart bigger than I will ever have.

papaw words

He is at the center of our family and still keeps us all in check.  He has shown us how to be a part of our church and community.  He supports all of us and is so proud of all of his grand children… don’t believe me.. just ask him!  He will tell you!

He is still so active, going to the YMCA, having breakfast out with friends, going to local ball games, playing golf with old buddies and visiting old friends and family at their homes and nursing homes.  He even got a new car recently that has “too much stuff” on it.. but he is learning and driving it around like the best of them!

He has a cell phone, which he will answer, but refuses to get a computer… sometimes I think that would be so nice… to remain disconnected!

I love this man, love his heart, , love his hugs where he squeezes and pinches my side, love his stores that he tells with so much excitement, love his face that has seen so much and continues to keep going!

He uses words that most don’t use anymore… Confound, Yonder, Down the Road a Piece, Kin-folk, etc…


Happy Birthday Papaw!

Love the face he gives me when I tell him to smile.


Lunch with Papaw



Old photo of “Super Dad!”    Just ignore me in this one…#badhaircutinthe80s


Lunch at our favorite local spot






papawLove you, Lawrence Edward, Captain, Papaw

Mandi Heilig - Dry Ink Designs


100 days of happy

100 days of happy

The girls at Sunny Slide Up have decided to join in a challenge of 100 days of happy.  I am personally excited to do this challenge!  Right now I have a lot going on in my life between moving, getting a dog, work and planning a wedding.  I realized that often times I do not step back and take in each moment and the extreme happiness that I do have in my life each and every day.  I am not sure what I hope to get out of this challenge, but I know that after we discussed participating, it felt right.  Here are some “whys” listed out on their website…

100 days of happy


I encourage you to join in with us!  It is simple… just go to their website, register (here) and then begin to submit your happy.  There are 3 ways to do it!

100 happy days


We have decided to do this via Instagram using the hashtag #100happydays



You can find all of us instagram!

Mandi – me!  dryinkdesigns

Heather – thecreativestack

Jenn – thefortunateplight

Follow us and see!  I am sure a few will pop up on our Sunny Slide Up Instagram Page as well!

So… the question to us… the question to you…



Mandi Heilig - Dry Ink Designs


never grow up

never grow up

7 weeks ago, my 83 year old grandfather (Papaw) had a FULL knee replacement.  If you have met this man, you know that this did not keep him down!

He has more life and energy than most people half his age.  He spends his time playing golf with friends, going to the YMCA to do his aerobics, staying active at the church, spending time with family and visiting friends… especially those that are unable to leave their homes.

Last week he bought a new car…I can’t wait to go visit… I know I will have to “take it out for a drive!”

A few days ago my sister sent me this video of him doing lunges across the house.  She said this was his third trip through the house.  Maybe we should all take a lesson.  Rounds of squats, 83 years old, 7 weeks after a knee replacement.

Maybe we should all take a lesson from Peter Pan, NEVER GROW UP!



never get old quote 032114_learn how to act 032114_Never-Grow-Up 032114_play

chop it off and donate hair

chop it off and donate hair

I have this system with my hair.  I like to grow it out really long and then chop it off to a really short bob.  I like the drastic change.  Well, this time I waited 3 and 1/2 years between big cuts and I was able to get it long enough to donate!   I snapped some before, after and in-between pictures at my salon (Salon 42 in Charlotte, NC) Big change huh?  I love it!




Check out the side view.  And all of those lovely Bumble and Bumble products in the background….love those!


I have to give my hair stylist, Jessica Riddle props.  She has been cutting my hair for like 10 years and always does such an amazing job!   Plus, she always makes me a little bit blonder 🙂  She is hilarious and I love chatting with her during my color/cuts.  Here she is with my hair…as a mustache, HA!



So, where can you donate your hair?  There are quite a few options out there, just be sure to read the guidelines to see if you fit the qualifications!


Locks of Love


Pantene Beautiful Lengths 


Wigs For Kids 


Children With Hair Loss


What do you think of my new haircut?

Heather Johnson - The Creative Stack