a new take on jelly bracelets

a new take on jelly bracelets

You all know that we love jewelry with meaning.  You can see that in a few of our past posts.

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Well, I come today with another find!  Remember jelly bracelets?

jelly bracelets

I remember wearing these, sharing them with friends and lining my arm with them each day depending on my outfit!

Well, thanks to Steve Parkes we have a new version!  Steve travels throughout Africa, helping create programs that can pay for education and feeding of women and children through Fair Trade programs. These bangle bracelet sets are made in Mali of recycled rubber that is painted with eco-friendly paints. Each bracelet will be different.

Best thing… they are $1 each!  You can find them online or sometimes in local stores.

If you are local to Charlotte, they carry them at Paper Sky Scraper on East Blvd.

fair trade braceletsfair trade bracelets

fair trade bracelets



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benefit wines: wine for a charity…drink up

benefit wines: wine for a charity…drink up

So… you guys have heard me talk about my 100 lb puppy, Bella.  Our wild, beautiful, cuddling Great Dane.  Maybe you remember the blog post I wrote about her a few months ago.

Here is the day we picked her up – 6 months ago.

bella the great dane

She has changed so much…but you can see I get the same – ol – look.  I wish I knew what was going on in her mind when she looks at me this way!  ha!


Now we are bit more settled in… Her birthday is on our “we started dating” anniversary – yeah we keep track of it, so we gave her a big bone as a treat!  She loved it!

Well, today I found the coolest thing i have seen in a while… Benefit Wines.  I came across it because Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love  (Facebook) has a page with them.  You can purchase bottles of wine through the Benefits Wines website, and a portion of the money goes to the charity…. awesome in my book.  You can shop by various charities... there are all dogs represented here so it is not just great danes!  You can also shop by cause which has community, veteran, animal, health based and wildlife affiliated charities.

Now back to the Great Danes.  Check out these wine labels..who doesn’t want some of this wine!

benefit wine great dane

pinot noir benefit wine

cabernet benefit wine malbec benefit wine


How could you say no to that?!?

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happy monday, here are some flowers

happy monday, here are some flowers

Happy Monday everyone.  I don’t know about you, but it is a gloomy day here in Charlotte, NC with thunderstorms.  I’ve been trying to readjust to east coast time this morning, after just returning from a fantastic vacation at Lake Tahoe. Promise to share more about the trip next week!

This beautiful video of flowers opening in timelapse perked me right up!   Enjoy 🙂

Flowers opening timelapse from David de los Santos Gil on Vimeo.

Be Awesome Monday Quote


And, It’s Monday. Don’t Forget to be AWESOME!


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what to cook for the 4th of July

what to cook for the 4th of July

Hey there!  Every year my parents have a big 4th of July party.  They invite friends and family to come up to the lake and hang out in the water, eat some amazing food, and end the night with fireworks!

My annual job is to go and buy the fireworks.  It used to be simple…. I walk in, tell the guys there how much money have I have to spend, they tell me which ones work the best for my given amount of money and I walk out the door a happy girl!  Well, now The Mister comes along and it isn’t such a quick, in and out, process.  He likes to look at them all, choose some fun ones.  Bless that man of mine and his love for fireworks!!  I have to admit, it is fun to watch him get excited and bonus for me… we always get dinner out!  Impromptu Annual 4th of July date night!!

baby you're a firecracker


I always try to think of something fun to make as a side, appetizer, or dessert for the party.  Maybe this year I will do something with a firecracker theme?

firecracker food

Firecracker Popcorn from The Nerd’s Wife.  I want to be your friend 🙂  Your blog is adorable!  Also check out her new blog, Always Arena, today for 4th of July fashion!

Firecracker Cupcakes from Tastes of Lizzy T.  These are make with twizzlers – every girl’s favorite!

Firecracker Popsicles from The Comfort of Cooking.  Aren’t these everyone’s favorite on a hot summer day!

For more fun in the sun and 4th of July ideas, be sure to check out our July Pinterest Board!  We have all kinds of great ideas posted there!

I hope everyone has a 4th of July that really… POPS!!!

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Happy Summer Everyone!   Time to start planning your next getaway – jump in your car and go away for the weekend!

I for one am always wanting to do something new – discover new cities, try new restaurants, stay at a new resort, check out a new attraction.  I love to travel – from week long vacations to quick weekend getaways.  I am always up for a new adventure!



I recently stumbled across Roadtrippers on Pinterest.  I was immediately drawn to everything they were about.

Eccentric roadside attractions, breathtaking natural wonders, or mouthwatering foodie feasts. Whatever your interests, you’ll discover your America on Roadtrippers.

Follow Roadtrippers on Facebook – daily they are posting about crazy cool places you never knew existed.  My travel bucket lists keeps getting longer and longer!



7 Iconic Road Trips Roadtrippers

 7 Iconic Road Trips
The Blue Ridge Parkway is just hours away from our home town Charlotte!

Tree House Hotels US Roadtrippers

The 7 Best Tree House Hotels in North America
Who doesn’t want to sleep in a treehouse?

5 Amazing Places To Stargaze Roadtrippers

5 Amazing Places to Stargaze
Shooting stars anyone?

I can’t wait to plan my next adventure. Where shall I go next?


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