All it took to solidfy your best friend status was a bracelet or two, and a puzzle piece necklace. Those were the days.

Unless you had too many best friends, and then you had a major childhood dilemma on your hands!  Who to share the other half of your necklace with?!?  If that was the case, you’d stick a piece of scotch tape to your jeans and whip up a string bracelet in no time.  No pieces to fit together = no hurt feelings = BFF.

And of course there were slap bracelets… until they were banned from most schools.  (What exactly was so deadly about them again?!)


And here we are today.. no longer in elementary or middle school and no longer wearing that all important BE  FRI around your neck.  I’m SURE you still have a best friend, or ten, in your life… so instead of killing them with a slap bracelet, you can now show your love for them with something more age-appropriate and stylish!

Now go call your best friend and reminisce about the good times… just because you can!


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