falling for fall

falling for fall

It may be that this week in the Queen City temperatures are only reaching the low 80s, but there is a crisp in the air and I am the first to admit that I am pretty excited about the upcoming fall season.

world with fall

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To get us all in the mood, I have found a few recipes that make me think of sweaters, bonfires, football and crisp air in the mornings!


1.  Thank you Crazy for Crust for sharing this recipe!  This is definitely going on our list of things to try this fall!

pumpkin toffee bar



2.  Fall can still be refreshing with this caramel apple sangria I saw on Family Food Finds.  I can almost taste it now!

caramel apple sangria


e.  I love figs.  Have you ever tried figs on pizza rather than tomato base?  It is amazing!  Well, here I found a Fig Bruchetta by Style Me Pretty.  JACKPOT!

fig bruchetta


4. And now for soup.  Who doesn’t love soup and who doesn’t love lasagna.  I mean, here we have both together by Cooking with Ruthie.

lasagna soup

For other fall recipes previously on Sunny Slide Up – check these out!

And we can’t forget Heather’s Football Party ideas!  Here and Here

Anyone else ready for the colder weather?

falling for fall


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getting creative – making jewelry

getting creative – making jewelry

Hey guys.  I had the MOST fun this past weekend with a wonderful group of bloggers and Kathryn Godwin making necklaces.   Have you heard of her?  This girl is like that creative person you wish you could be.  You can thank her for many of the amazing Anthropologie storefronts…  yep… amazing!

Hand Painted Dots

kathryn godwin displays




Coral Reef Display

kathryn godwin displays Floral Garden

kathryn godwin displays



This girl made tea bags look amazing people…. TEA BAGS!!

kathryn godwin displays

And I can’t even talk about this dress – made of paper…  This is what made me start following her.  I saw it on a wedding blog while I was planning my wedding.. and holy moly!!!  INSPIRATION everywhere!

kathryn godwin dress


We even had one for our event… check out this rope and tassel display… LOVE

window display

It had been so long since I had actually made a craft out of raw materials, and when I saw her post in instagram… I knew I had to go!  Turns out I won a free registration with this lovely lady – Deedie Springer of Springvine Design.  And speaking of inspiring and creative, she is the one who is responsible for my wedding flowers – see them here and here ….look at her hard at work!  LOVE IT!

springvine design

It all started out by choosing beads (she handmade) and taping down our string to the table like you used to do when you made friendship bracelets… awe I felt like a kid again!

choosing beads DIY necklaces


We made the rope by a twisting technique and then added tassels, beads and whatever we wanted.  I decided to use my Dry Ink colors and just love how my necklace turned out!

DIY necklace

Even better I met some amazing fellow bloggers.  Isn’t it funny when you realize you have to introduce yourselves as your company name or instagram handle!?  Thank you social media!

DIY bloggers

Kathryn of Studio Cultivate, Me, Dawn – co author of Carolina Bride Book and Nikki of Bunch Collective

vintage concord

Reconnected with the talented Brellyn of Vintage Concord.

This day was amazing!  In just 2 hours I was inspired to create again, to get out there and do something with my hands, to draw, to make jewelry, and to surround myself with other creatives… it so feeds my soul!

beauty quote

The quote above is made by using a photo of the backdrop created for photos!

Mandi Heilig - Dry Ink Designs

it’s glassybaby – one of a kindness – candles

it’s glassybaby – one of a kindness – candles

So, one of my favorite wedding gifts we got was two GlassyBaby candles.  My dear cousin lives in Seattle and gave me some candles for a gift!  In red and teal of course for my love of these colors as they are my company colors for Dry Ink Designs – RED AND TEAL.

Here you can see them in my office!

glassybaby candles


They are amazing size, hold a tea-light and best yet, 10% from the sale of every glassy baby goes directly to organizations that support people in all kinds of needs.  To date over $2M has been donated to help others.

glassybaby 10%

Visit their website here for more information.  You can see how they are made, how to stay in touch with their online community, and where to shop.



These are great!  I love having them in my house – especially now that I know the story behind it!


Mandi Heilig - Dry Ink Designs

a new take on jelly bracelets

a new take on jelly bracelets

You all know that we love jewelry with meaning.  You can see that in a few of our past posts.

Jewelry that tells a story

Scotch Tape Bracelets

Pulsera Project

Lily and Laura


Well, I come today with another find!  Remember jelly bracelets?

jelly bracelets

I remember wearing these, sharing them with friends and lining my arm with them each day depending on my outfit!

Well, thanks to Steve Parkes we have a new version!  Steve travels throughout Africa, helping create programs that can pay for education and feeding of women and children through Fair Trade programs. These bangle bracelet sets are made in Mali of recycled rubber that is painted with eco-friendly paints. Each bracelet will be different.

Best thing… they are $1 each!  You can find them online or sometimes in local stores.

If you are local to Charlotte, they carry them at Paper Sky Scraper on East Blvd.

fair trade braceletsfair trade bracelets

fair trade bracelets



Mandi Heilig - Dry Ink Designs