You all know that we love jewelry with meaning.  You can see that in a few of our past posts.

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Well, I come today with another find!  Remember jelly bracelets?

jelly bracelets

I remember wearing these, sharing them with friends and lining my arm with them each day depending on my outfit!

Well, thanks to Steve Parkes we have a new version!  Steve travels throughout Africa, helping create programs that can pay for education and feeding of women and children through Fair Trade programs. These bangle bracelet sets are made in Mali of recycled rubber that is painted with eco-friendly paints. Each bracelet will be different.

Best thing… they are $1 each!  You can find them online or sometimes in local stores.

If you are local to Charlotte, they carry them at Paper Sky Scraper on East Blvd.

fair trade braceletsfair trade bracelets

fair trade bracelets



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