This past weekend we were beyond excited to celebrate Stephanie’s pending arrival! Two of my good friends and I, Christine and Muffin, worked together to  throw Baby Egan a little welcome party. Since Steph does not know if she is having a boy or a girl I came up with the “Lady or Gentleman” theme and designed the invitations and signs to match!

Lady or Gentleman?

We made Lady or Gentleman name tags so everyone could wear the gender they are predicting!

 photo 1C6CD67E-FB44-47AA-9671-07ED8280A41B-4528-000005B6F23A6807.jpg

Christine put together the adorable favors! Mini champagne bottles with personalized labels!

 photo AD000F81-E18F-4EFF-9959-001E8793938C-4528-000005B6EA33584C.jpg

 photo 6B325319-65AC-4C3E-9EF7-59B2061E5F5B-4528-000005B6EE32EC3B.jpg

We also had these menu cards and cupcake tags!
 photo 9175C5FC-21CD-457C-BB4F-44FB66C27A24-4528-000005BB8ECAA963.jpg

 photo E88FFD77-1D0C-4D1E-B2C2-BBF940E899C3-4528-000005BB8A126FF5.jpg

 photo A8F20318-568D-49F3-A87A-BDBA046EA989-4528-000005B6E62B1FF0.jpg

Muffin had this beautiful tree that was perfect for Christine’s idea that we each write an inspirational quote for Baby Egan as a keepsake.

 photo CE909088-0233-4ED8-848E-615C966DB2E3-4618-000005BD8DA60030.jpgTREE

 photo 2008A03A-A268-416B-A0A2-262232C1DEC3-4618-000005BD81B63233.jpg

We also each brought a onesie, reflecting our personalities, for Steph to guess whose it was!
 photo 7FB775CD-720E-41A6-97B7-143FC6BC1596-4618-000005BD7CFCF771.jpg

 photo EDFA1FE9-FC7E-4165-AFEB-2E78E5AC0C68-4618-000005BD86BBF1CD.jpg

Some of my favorite people…..Muffin, Stephanie, me and Christine!

 photo E82409C9-FCEE-43E5-9CBD-020582DE28A8-4528-000005B6FAEED59A.jpg

And of course… Sunny Slide Up girls!!!
 photo 83D77813-8BFA-4592-A647-C27285CE728D-4528-000005B6F64629F2.jpg

Steph, we are so excited for you and Ritch to welcome your new little Love into the world! There is no doubt you will be amazing parents! I love you beyond.

Jenn Davis - The Fortunate Plight