Some people look forward to the Oscars each year to catch a glimpse of Hollywood glamour. I, on the other hand, have always enjoyed the Met Gala far more than any hyped up awards ceremony. It’s a night where celebrities, socialites, athletes and artists come together in a night of risk taking fashion. This years theme was “Punk” and I thought I would share some of my personal favorite looks of the night as well as some tragic misses.


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Nailed It:

Nicole Richie, I mean…come on? She gets it. She just does. If you are interested in this stuff at all then you should look up some of the images of her manicure from the night. Details. I want to be friends with her and possibly carry her around in my pocket or something (not in a creepy way….just clarifying that). Cameron Diaz: This dress reminds me of the white Tom Ford dress that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the 2012 Oscars. I was a fan of that dress and I am definitely a fan of this one. Loved the belt she paired with it but I was wondering if it made embracing anyone difficult. SJP: What a crazy effing outfit? Amirite? But, she pulled it off….it works because she owns it and she understands how to have fun with fashion.


Anja Rubik totally channeled 80’s punk and I love everything about this look! Mary Kate Olsen: Say what you will, but she is always true to her style. Her Balmain coat makes me want to lounge around in an apartment in Paris with a glass of champagne or dirty martini. Just sayin’. Kristen Stewart: Her killer makeup made this look. MADE IT. Anne Hathaway: Thank you trying something new. I’m not a fan of the feather sleeves, but you look great.

Failed It:

Beyonce: No. I’m sorry, just no. Kim Kardashian: OK, here we go…..I am almost hesitant to even say anything because I honestly think she is treated unfairly in the press about her weight. But, why? Just why? First, what is this print? Second, why the gloves…..for the love of Holy Fashion….WHY the gloves?! Third, you are a beautiful woman but the things you wear are making you look much larger than you actually are. Why not loosen the clothing a little and show off some of your ample bust line instead? Furthermore, why aren’t your family and friends telling you this? You may need to questions some relationships in your life. I will say that, as always, your face looked beautiful and your makeup was flawless. The end. Katie Perry: Not sure what’s going on here but am curious to know the “Punk” interpretation. Heidi Klum: Ill fitting.


So, that’s about it. Not that you guys care about my opinion but I generally enjoy this stuff…..can’t wait to see Fashion Police this week! What were some of your favorites?

Jenn Davis - The Fortunate Plight